• Keeping Your Tour Van In Good Condition

    Lots of guitar guys love their cars and love to do their own car repair, but there’s by chance a few things you overlooked before going on tour….. I got lots of these insights from my uncle who’s a great […]

  • Protect Yourself From Touring Accidents

    Touring with a band can be fun but hectic. Interstates are rampant with crazy drivers, and it seems there is always some asshole willing to do the stupidest things to get one car ahead and make his exit. And often, […]

  • Insurance You’ll Need While Touring

    Many bands will be thinking of nothing but booking as many dates as possible when preparing to hit the road, and that’s a big mistake….. Before you head out you’ll need to prepare for the possibility of not only your […]

  • My Bandmate Who Got Divorced

    I haven’t been out on the road much myself, but I can only imagine what my friend had to refuse and give up in order to make his marriage work. And I have a problem just trying to give up […]

  • Buying Real Estate For Your Studio

    Ever been to Oxford, MS??? You should as it has lots of great amenities for any band to enjoy while recording their album. And it’s also a fairly chill spot to go if you want to get away from the […]